Yakima Law Office

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Year: 2015
Type: Commission
Size: 2003 m²
Location: Yakima, WA, U.S.A. 
Collaborators: Eduard Mosienkov

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Yakima Law Office is designed to take advantage of the site’s slope and other special conditions, such as views and orientation. the building is positioned on a site in a very bold way: it presents itself to a client with an elongated, solid façade on the north that from the inside is designed to frame views to the mountains. this positioning of a building also allows to open up most of its office spaces to the sunny side, at the same time creating cozy courtyard on the back, that is meant to be used for picnics and recreation. yakima 4 - Copyyakima 6yakima 4_1000

Northern and southern facades are solved in a principally different ways due to a different orientation. Thus, the northern façade is much more solid, framing the views to the mountains and working as super insulation (at the side of the building that is always the coldest one). At the same time, this allows presenting the building to visitors. Southern façade is the opposite: it opens up to the backyard, full of sun and vegetation, erasing the boundary between inside and outside.

Yakima Law Office

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